MacPhail on Matusz, Tillman and Bergesen

O's manager Dave Trembley today said he expected Brian Matusz and Chris Tillman to each make "three starts maximum" before being shut down for the remainder of this season. O's president Andy MacPhail also spoke about limiting appearances and innings for the rookie pitchers. "With Brian you have to remember this is his first year of pro experience. He doesn't have the innings built up that even Chris Tillman or Berken or Hernandez have that have been pitching professionally. You don't want to exceed a certain percentage of innings they pitched last year, if you can avoid it. "We'll talk to them, it's not something that is a formula, you get to a number and that's that. We'll talk to the medical staff and the players themselves. "Tillman is further ahead than Brian so I would imagine Brian will be the first down then eventually Chris." MacPhail was asked if Matusz and Tillman have shown enough to be considered in the rotation for next year? "That's a lifetime away." MacPhail also said again a decision on Dave Trembley's status won't come until after the season. "No change there," he said. MacPhail confirmed again that Brad Bergesen will not return this season. "He is not coming back. We've run out of time." MacPhail said he would look inside and outside the organization for starters to replace Matusz and Tillman when they are shut down but he would prefer internal candidates to come to the Orioles.

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