Markakis, Jones and Pearce react to pending Hardy deal (updated)

J.J. Hardy's teammates were asked several questions today about the Orioles shortstop. Even though a new deal for Hardy is not official and there has not been any announcement from the club, the sides have reached an agreement on an extension. That news, as you might expect, was met with a very positive reaction by Hardy's teammates. "Besides playing a prime position, what he brings to the club is not just baseball," outfielder Nick Markakis said. "All the things J.J. brings are things you want your players to have. He's awesome, he's quiet. He goes about his business. He sets good examples and he helps out any way he can. markakis_alcs_media.jpg"There are several ways to go about your business in this game. He's been at it a long time now. What he has been doing obviously has been working. Those are the type of guys you want guys to learn from. He's just been huge for us." Does the Hardy agreement send a message to the clubhouse that the club's management is trying to keep a winning group together? "I hope so," Markakis said. "Look at every good team out there and they have a good group of core players. He's a guy the Orioles felt could fit in for three more years here and do the same things he's been doing. He's earned it. He's a great defensive shortstop with power that can hit. And he's a good teammate. He's everything you want at a primary position on the field, as important as it is. Plays it better than anyone out there." Markakis was asked about reports that he could be next. Has he been talking about a contract extension with the Orioles as well? "No, not unless my agent hasn't been telling me anything," he said. Adam Jones was asked about Hardy. "He adds stability," Jones said. "That is what baseball is about, we have a stable shortstop. Good for him. He has a new three-year deal. That is awesome for me as a teammate of his." What does Hardy bring to the Orioles? "Winning. He brings a winning attitude, he's a great personality in our clubhouse and he's a winner on that field," Jones said. Like his teammates, first baseman Steve Pearce was elated about the Hardy contract situation. "That's great. He is the field general of our infield," Pearce said. "He's consistent. Very confident when he is at shortstop, tell you that much. He's a great teammate and a great friend and I'm excited for him if he gets the deal." Update: The Orioles just announced the deal. They've signed Hardy to a three-year contract extension with an option for 2018. There will be a press conference at 6:30 p.m.

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