Markakis talks about Showalter's address to the team

Nick Markakis said, that as he had promised, Buck Showalter's first address to the Oriole players as their manager, was not a long one. "It was pretty simple. I don't think it was anything unexpected. He just pretty much came in and told us how it's going to be and we're all ready to get started." Markakis said accountability was one theme of Showalter's talk with the players. "That is one of the things he addressed but I imagine that would be the same for any manager. You have to be accountable at times. Maybe that is something we are lacking a little bit around here. "If I screw up I will tell it how it is and I think if everybody else does the same thing it's a good thing and something you like to see. "A manager can only do so much, as you hear over and over again. The way they approach things, though, you can get a read. Just from his first meeting with us, obviously he wants to be here. "We have some good things in this organization, some good players but also things to work on. He wouldn't have taken this job just for the heck of it. We are a great group of guys, but we are young. I think he's a great guy and a great fit and we are just as excited to have him as he is to be here." Any player in that clubhouse can read and learn about Showalter's past and track record and see that he has won in three different places with three different teams. "You hear so many different things. You never know until that time comes and you get a chance to meet somebody. But if you play the game hard and don't look too far into things and go up there and get your job done, no one is going to have a problem with anybody and that's the way it should be. "The biggest thing is, we have a manager that we know is going to be here. Now we let the rest of it play out. It's nice to know we have a guy that is going to be here for a while. As players we have to do our job and play every inning and every out." Markakis said having a manger that has won at the Major League level does provide Showalter credibility with his new players. "It's different, but good. We all know what he has done. I can speak for the rest of us, we are just happy to have him here and we are looking forward to playing for him every day."

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