"MASN All Access" podcast: Finally opening day, Davey Martinez and Nats roster

The rain is finally gone (for now), which means the Nationals can finally open the 2018 season in Cincinnati.

It also means the release of the first Nats episode of the brand-new "MASN All-Access" podcast, which goes along with the "MASN All Access" Facebook Live show. If you followed along the past couple of years with the District 34 podcast, you'll be familiar with me, "All Access" and social producer Bobby Blanco, as a host. Joining me this year on the podcast is "All Access" co-host and producer Paul Mancano, who I'm sure you're also familiar with from the Facebook Live shows.

If you're missing Bryon Kerr, don't worry, you can always follow his blog all season long and we plan to have him as a guest multiple times throughout the year. We also will have a wide range of guests on the show this year, including other local media members, our MASNsports.com guest bloggers, players, coaches and more!

The "MASN All Access" podcast will cover both the Nationals and Orioles this year. New Nats episodes will be released every Thursday, and if you're interested in the O's (or just love baseball talk), those episodes will be posted on Tuesdays.

MAA-podcast-logo-sidebar.jpgBut back to opening day, at long last. After the weather pushed back the festivities one day, we finally have baseball games that count.

To preview the start of the season, Paul and I first discuss Davey Martinez's arrival as the Nats' new manager and what he brings to the table. Will he be the missing piece the Nationals need to make a deep run in the playoffs?

We then go over the Nats' opening day roster, which includes a four-man bench and eight-man bullpen. Daniel Murphy's injury is certainly a cause for concern, but Martinez and company seem content with a short bench in the All-Star second baseman's absence.

And finally, Ryan Zimmerman had an unconventional spring training. Are we confident he took the right path to get ready for the regular season, or is there reason to be nervous about how he'll follow up his career year in 2017?

The first Nationals episode of the "MASN All Access" podcast can be found below, and please rate, review, subscribe and share with all of NatsTown! Hopefully, you can listen to the episode before you settle in to watch today's first game of the 2018 season.

You can also follow myself (@Bobby_Blanco) and Paul (@PaulMancano) on Twitter to interact with us all season long. Feel free to tweet us your thoughts, suggestions and questions, and you can also submit them in the comments section below.

Happy baseball season to all!

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