More clubhouse quotes after Sunday's walk-off win

Here are some more clubhouse quotes after the O's 3-2, 10-inning win over the Red Sox on Sunday afternoon. Will Ohman on the short mound meeting with Dave Trembley in the ninth inning: "He just said 'I want you to get this guy out.' Any relief guy is going to want that to happen. He comes out and maybe you have to plead your case, I didn't have to. I wanted the chance to succeed or fail on your own merits. I was ready (to plead my case)." Will Ohman on Trembley saying he had great stuff. Did you feel that way?: "It was as good as I've felt all year, since spring training. When we left spring training, I packed my bag and forgot to pack my slider. Apparently it showed up today. Kind of worked out for us, that was good." Kevin Millwood on his outing: "I didn't pitch good enough to get the win, today. You knew with Beckett on the other side it was going to be a low-scoring game. I don't care what his numbers are to this point. I was just trying to keep us in the game." Kevin Millwood on the sweep: "It was huge, to come away from a homestand with a winning record vs. the Yankees and Red Sox was huge for us. We learned a lot about ourselves. Starting to learn how to win a little bit. I think we are starting to realize we are a better team than people give us credit for."
Kevin Millwood discusses his outing in the O's 3-2 10 inning win

Kevin Millwood said he expected a pitchers' duel with Josh Beckett: "Without a doubt. It doesn't matter what his numbers are. I figured after I gave up the second run, if I gave up any more we probably wouldn't win. It's always fun to battle a guy like that. Pitching last night would have been fun (with the O's scoring 12 runs), but tip your hat to that guy. He's a great pitcher." Craig Tatum on helping Millwood and the O's get a win: "They told me anything I do with the bat is a plus. I just need to be back there and play defense. We kept them off balance, me and Kevin did. I made a few plays. This was fun." Craig Tatum on working with Millwood today: "It was fun, I told him I was sorry we could not get him a win. He was hitting his spots and had everything working. He could have almost have gone a complete game. He still had it at the end, throwing that many pitches and it was hot. He showed us why he is our number one." With the win today, the Orioles are now 5-2 over the last seven games. They completed a 4-2 homestand vs. New York and Boston with a three-game sweep. They are 4-2 vs. the Sox after going 2-16 against them last year and they are 5-4 in a 12-game stretch vs. New York and Boston.
You predicted a sweep all along, right?
Wigginton on the walk off

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