More from Turner and Ross on their big Saturday

More on the amazing game for Trea Turner on Saturday when the Nats blasted the Reds 18-3: Turner went 5-for-5 with a walk, setting a new career high by reaching base six times. The last time a Nationals player pulled off that feat in one game was on April 30, when Anthony Rendon did it against the Mets. The four runs Turner scored also matched a career high.

"As he goes, we go," said manager Dusty Baker. "A lot of things happen when Trea gets on base. He was on base all six times, went 5-for-5, I mean that's quite a day. There aren't many times in your career that you're going to go 5-for-5 and more or less have five at-bats. That was big. That was big of him to put the ball in play, hit the ball to right, up the middle. Trea is best when he's going well."

trea-turner-surprised-close.jpgTurner broke down each at-bat and how his day unfolded.

"I thought my first two at-bats were really good in a sense that I thought I hit some tough pitches and still hit them hard and hit them the other way," Turner noted. "I wasn't selling out or anything like that. And then I battled in the last few at-bats. It's just a matter of competing and not giving anything away."


Right-hander Joe Ross allowed only one run on six hits in seven innings, earning his fourth win of the season. It was the ninth time in his career and third time this season he pitched seven innings and allowed no more than one run. The Nationals have scored 70 runs in his 56 2/3 innings this season, an average of 11.12 run support per game.

Being up 8-0 early Saturday allowed Ross to throw whatever pitch he wanted in any situation.

"I feel like you have that comfort of the lead and, hopefully, continue to build the lead, and that gives me a little time to play, trying to throw a curveball or mixing in a few more changeups, things like that," Ross said. "So, it gives you that comfort zone and work from there try and pound the strike zone."

Ross said he has felt like he has been able to be more consistent his last few starts due in part to a solid command of his off-speed arsenal.

"I have been feeling better the last few starts," Ross said. "Trying to build from one start to the next. I've been focusing most on keeping the ball down and let my sinker try and work, and (it) paid off for an inning-ending double play, which is really clutch. Billy (Hamilton) on first, too. Been taking things game by game and been feeling pretty good."

Even with a big lead, however, Ross knew he couldn't throw batting practice out there.

"The last thing you want to do is relax or let your guard down," Ross said. "The next thing you know it could be 8-5, 8-6 and you're out of the game before you get to the fifth inning. So just staying focused. Trying to pitch your game no matter what the score is. Obviously, the big lead helps, but got to keep your guard up."

Turner said his teammates have noticed how well Ross has been pitching recently.

"I think he's pitched really well in his last three or four starts back to that 12-strikeout game," Turner said. "He's pitched well. Some things haven't fallen his way, but he's battling. When he battles and competes and works on some different things, throws some changeups in there, he gets a day like today and he goes seven (innings) and gives up only that one mistake to (Patrick) Kivlehan. Other than that, he pitched unbelievable, so it's just growing. He's going to get better and he's doing really well for us."

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