Nationals players give out 61 full postseason shares

Nationals players received a total of $29,110,012.47 for winning the World Series, which they elected to divvy up among a host of people who played a role in the franchise's first championship.

Sixty-one people received full shares valued at $382,358.18 apiece. Players also gave out 14.13 partial shares and two cash awards, Major League Baseball announced today.

Cabrera-Arms-Extrended-Blue-WS-G3-Sidebar.jpgThe MLB players' pool comes from a percentage of gate receipts from each postseason round: 50 percent from the wild card games, 60 percent from the first three games of the Division Series, 60 percent from the first four games of both the League Championship Series and World Series.

All told, this year's players' pool totaled $80,861,145.74, the third-highest figure in baseball history, according to MLB.

Each of the 10 clubs that qualified for the postseason received a portion of that grand total, with figures ranging from roughly $1.2 million for wild card game losers to the more than $29 million that went to the Nationals for winning the World Series. The American League champion Astros received $19.4 million, which they divided into 57 full shares worth about $256,000 apiece.

Players from each team convene and vote on how many full or partial shares to award. Fifty players appeared in at least one game for the Nationals this season, so many others (coaches, members of the training staff, clubhouse staff, support staff and others in baseball operations) were included. For some of those behind-the-scenes employees, these postseason bonuses represent life-changing money.

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