Not many chances yet for Snyder

Brandon Snyder has been here for three games now without an at bat. It's becoming apparent that, despite his callup, he will likely not get too many starts. I asked Buck Showalter today if Snyder can gain something here, even if not playing much and if he can evaluate some things about Snyder without seeing him play much. "I know there's never any substitute for actual game participation, but as we get into a couple of clubs that won't be involved in the playoffs, we'll get some looks at these guys. It doesn't necessarily mean three or four games in a row or anything. "But, I was talking with him last night. The ball that Crawford scored on. Talking about where the first baseman needs to be. He's into the game and he'd asked a good question. "There are little things like you watch batting practice, but there's just so much you can learn from watching a guy hit a 75 mile per hour fastball from 50 feet. "I got that, but that's where you lean a lot on what other people are telling you. Good kid, though." It's a little puzzling to see a player get a callup but not play much. Then again, September is far from over. Maybe Snyder will spot in some vs. left-handers as he hit .353 off lefties in Norfolk, where overall, he batted .259-9-43 in 98 games with 22 doubles.

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