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In Bull Durham, didn't Annie Savoy say something like, "For one glorious week, our Durham Bulls played like champions." Brian-Roberts_Celebration-Wide.gif O's fans can relate this morning. When Brian Roberts made like Crash Davis last night, the O's walked-off jubilantly with another win, and in just a week's time, you get the feeling watching this team now that something good, not bad, will happen. For one glorious homestand, the Birds put it all together. They swept a good team and took three of four from the hottest team in the game. In Buck we trust. So what does it all mean? Will the team finish with a winning record these last two months? That seems unlikely. Can they be a .500 or better team next year? Probably not. Do they have the makings of a solid rotation? Well, maybe the answer is yes to that question. Brian Matusz gave up 18 ER over 13 innings in a four-start stretch before his last two outings. Kevin Millwood had an ERA over 9.00 for about a ten-start stretch. That just wasn't going to continue. On the other hand, the O's starters won't be pitching to an ERA of 1.89 all year like they have over these last seven starts. But there is some talent there to work with. They are "growing the arms" and it's time some of them do grow up. The starting pitching ERA was pushing toward 6.00 until this recent stretch. These guys are just better than that. I don't think Millwood lost it overnight or that Matusz was totally overhyped. Bergesen's sinker is still there somewhere and Arrieta may have the best talent of all of them. Guthrie has just been solid for the third season out of four with the club. It all starts with those starters. The Orioles scored just 11 runs in four games vs. Chicago and won three of them because of the starters. The defense seemed to get crisper and make every play when the starters pitched better. As Buck said, "They made the runs count." There is still a long way to go in this season, and two weeks ago that would have been a depressing statement to make. Now, 7:05 can't get here fast enough. It was quite a homestand.

Looking back and ahead
Sorting through the sixth (w/Showalter quotes)

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