Once again, Sherrill is riding out trade rumors

It's one year later, late July and George Sherrill is again hearing his name mentioned in trade rumors. He says it's flattering, but that he would still prefer to stay an Oriole. "Same take as last year. I don't want to go anywhere, but that's not my call," Sherrill said. "If somebody is willing to give them something they feel they can rebuild with, that's a choice they are going to make. If I'm here, I'd love to be, if I'm not then I'll go help whoever. "It's flattering. But it's also flattering to have your team set the bar high to have someone give up something for you and not just give you away. It's flattering on both ends. But I have to put it behind me and do my job." Sherrill said he has not sought out Andy MacPhail to get any updates on his status. He's just taking it day-by-day right now. "My whole career when I take the mound, nothing goes in my head. Just go get the guys I have to face. That's what I try to do." When the trade deadline passes on Friday afternoon, Sherrill says he'll be relieved. "Yeah. I don't see me going anywhere in August. One way or the other it will be good it's over. I like the direction we're taking. We just called another kid up. So far they've all done well. I've heard Tillman is probably the best of the bunch." Sherrill has saved 20 of 23 games on the year and has pitched to an ERA of 1.52 over his last 30 games.

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