Reimold ready to regroup for next year

Coming off a 2009 season where he hit .279-15-45 in 358 at bats, Nolan Reimold looked poised to have a solid sophomore season in the Major Leagues. But it started with an injury and later it was his bat that wasn't well and he spent more time in the minors than the big leagues in 2010, playing 94 games with Norfolk and just 39 with the Orioles. Nolan-Reimold_White-Swinging-Tall.gif Reimold said he can sum up his season in one word. "Brutal. If there is one word to describe it, it's probably that. It's been a tough year, so I'm just looking to get it behind me. "The way I was going, I consider it ending on a decent note. I got back up here, so that was good. But on the whole, it's been a pretty down year, more than a down year. "I just have to come in next year prepared and have fun. If you do your work and have fun and give it all you've got, when you look back, then I should have a good year next year," Reimold said. Reimold had to deal with some off-the-field issues that seemed to serve at the least as a distraction for him this year. It was referenced in comments about Reimold by manager Buck Showalter and twice Reimold briefly left the Norfolk club to deal with personal matters. He won't comment on anything in that regard and didn't offer an opinion as to whether it impacted his play. "No comment. It's off the field. I have to take care of my business on the field and this year I didn't." Reimold 2009: .279-15-45......358 at bats......18 doubles......365 OBP.....466 slugging.....831 OPS. Reimold 2010: .207-3-14........116 at bats.......5 doubles......282 OBP.....328 slugging......610 OPS. One issue that is finally and hopefully forever in his rear view mirror is the Achilles tendon surgery and recovery that seemed to linger into the 2010 season. "No, it feels a lot better. I'd say about half way through the year it was feeling better noticeably and I haven't even been treating it lately. It should be 100 percent next season for sure." Reimold admits he might have spent some time repairing his confidence as well. "When you go through a year like this, it might waver a little bit. But I've done it before and know I can do it again and be better than I was before, too. I'm looking forward to next year to come out and have a strong showing." Whether he has fallen out of favor with the O's management, Reimold said he doesn't know. "It's up to them what they think. I played well last year. I don't think they think all the sudden my abilities disappeared. I'll come in next year ready to go and they can make decisions then, whatever they think of me." Coming later today: Reimold talks about working with Brady Anderson and how the former O's outfielder helped him this season and he also talks about the possibility of playing first base in the future.

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