Roberts and Gonzalez (updated)

Second baseman Brian Roberts is listed as day-to-day with a strained abdominal muscle after being examined yesterday by Dr. Andrew Cosgarea. For now, he's avoided the disabled list. Roberts won't take batting practice this afternoon. I haven't seen him since he left yesterday's game. "He is better than he was yesterday," manager Dave Trembley said. "It's an abdominal strain. It's not related to his back. It's right now day-to-day and I think I'll have a better idea tomorrow and when he will be available to play." A team physician will re-examine Roberts today. "Right now, the good news for me is to tell you that it's not as severe as we first thought, but I'm not able to tell you when he'll play, and I'm not able to tell you if it is a DL or not a DL," Trembley said. "I probably will be able to give you that answer a little clearer tomorrow. It is improved from what we first thought when he was first taken out of the game yesterday." Julio Lugo gets the start tonight in place of Roberts, but Trembley isn't looking too far ahead and naming him the regular second baseman. "I wouldn't say anything other than we will play it one game at a time and do what we best can do to try to win the game on a game-by-game basis," Trembley said. "I would not say that Lugo would be the guy. I wouldn't want to get ahead of myself because I don't know what Brian's situation is. It would either be Lugo or (Ty) Wigginton, and tonight I have Wigginton playing first base." Trembley was more concerned yesterday as Roberts came out of the game after diving into second base and making contact with John McDonald, who took the throw from catcher John Buck. Head athletic trainer Richie Bancells thought initially that it could "be a while," Trembley said, before Roberts was available. "Today, we're not so sure if that's accurate or not," Trembley said. "It may not be a while. It still could be. But it's certainly somewhat better than first anticipated. In any event, it's tough not having him in the lineup, whether it be for one game or five. It's a guy we all count on, it's a guy who's extremely valuable to us, so it's hard not being able to write his name in the lineup, whether it be for the short term or long term. It's something I'd rather avoid." Trembley doesn't believe that Roberts was rushed back into the lineup before being ready to play. "That was not the reason he got hurt yesterday," Trembley said. "He got hurt because the bag doesn't move and I believe there was some contact, unfortunately, with McDonald." Mike Gonzalez isn't available to pitch tonight. Instead, he'll work in the bullpen with pitching coach Rick Kranitz on improving his arm slot. Trembley and Kranitz watched video of Gonzalez's past appearances and might have detected a flaw in the left-hander's mechanics. Trembley wouldn't anoint a closer for tonight. Coming up: Trembley talks about Gonzalez.

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