Showalter and Tillman meet the media

Here are some quotes from a press conference earlier today at Camden Yards with Orioles manager Buck Showalter and Game 1 starter Chris Tillman. Showalter told reporters he feels confident the Orioles can get the game in tomorrow despite the possibility of rain. He also said the O's players will know the makeup of the roster before they leave tonight, even if it is not yet released or announced. "We'll tell everybody that needs to know tonight," Showalter said. "But there's... we feel from what we hear that we'll get the game in tomorrow. "But the way it works is that if you turn in your roster at 10:00 in the morning, which you have to do, and the game is rained out, then you can resubmit your roster the next day. Because now you'd probably be playing five games in a row. It might change the way you do pitching. We'll turn in a roster tomorrow at 10:00. We think we're going to be able to play." Here is what Showalter said on other topics: tillman-presser-wide-ALCS.jpgOn Chris Davis' status "No, Chris won't be on this roster. And he's... that would be, what, Game 6? We're not going to play at 24 for five games. And then if we're fortunate enough to continue to play, then we'll readdress it." On whether he takes moments to enjoy this "Oh, yeah. You kidding me? I'm going to have a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to watching our guys. "As I've gotten older, you take it in because these times are fleeting. You're going to look back and wish you had paid more attention to those memories. You know what, what do they say? These are the good old days. We'll be talking about these down the road. And I take a lot of mental snapshots." On whether it's funny that Steve Pearce rejected a chance to go to Toronto when he had been designated for assignment to stick with O's "I don't think it's funny; I think it's great. He had a chance to accept the team or become a free agent and pick his own spot. And he was claimed by more than one club. "I had a lot of conversations with him. He called me the night before and said, 'First time I've ever made any money in my life and I'm getting ready to say no to it and get out there.' He's got to really trust you and trust the organization and he did. And I'm really happy for him and his family and his daughter that they're getting a return back for their trust." On his relationship with Adam Jones "If you have any questions about anything, watch him or watch J. J. (Hardy) or watch Nick (Markakis). It takes a load off me. Not only has he impacted the coaching staff and the management, we go down to spring training and he's leading drills. "You see one of your best players and your best outfielders being first in line and giving great effort. That means so much more than anything I or (Wayne) Kirby could say. And he's impacted me. He makes me laugh two or three times a day, I think on purpose, too. One thing you notice about Adam is he doesn't miss much." Do you think you will get pied at some point? "I hope so. Jonesey, I'm sure he's got something planned if we get to that point. Pretty special. Such a waste of good pie." Here's some quotes from Tillman. On if he assumed he would get the Game 1 start "No, I don't think I assumed it. I went about my business the same way. I think I had to prepare like I was going to pitch the first game. The feeling is the same for me, I think. As a team, as a group, we prepare the same. And you can't ask anything more of yourself." On trying to control the Royals' running game "You know what? I don't think I change anything. I take a lot of pride in controlling the running game. I think our catchers have done a great job all year of controlling it. If you put that in the back of your head, I feel like you're just adding pressure for yourself. If it's something that you're good at, that's a strength for you, I don't think I need to put any more emphasis on it." On whether he'll look back the tape of his shutout against the Royals this season "You know, I can, but I'm not going to. They're a different team now. I think they're playing much better baseball now. They hit and run, they steal. They're trying to press the envelope all the time. And you know what? As a group we know that. We know what's going to come at us."

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