Talking about Buck and the King

So Buck Showalter didn't get a single vote for AL manager of the year. My reaction? I didn't expect him to. The award is for manger of the year, not manager of the last two months. Buck would have been a strong contender for that. Don't worry, this is no lack of respect for Buck or the Orioles. You just can't win this award when you manage just 57 games. Well, maybe if you went 57-0, but how likely is that? I'm sure some readers and fans may find a reason to be upset over this, but there really just isn't any. Everyone in baseball and in the media noticed the job Showalter did with the Orioles starting last Aug. 3. Certainly the man is practically a hero already among O's fans. He could run for mayor, governor, czar or just about any other position in these parts and probably win right now. Most O's fans already consider Buck brilliant, if not a miracle worker or genius. He did amazing things with this club and managed to erase some of the memories of four of the worst months of O's baseball ever seen. So what that he didn't garner a single vote for the award while every other AL East skipper got at least one vote. Someone even voted for Joe Girardi. Bet it wasn't Jeremy Guthrie. No big deal and no slight whatsoever. There is probably not a rule that says you have to manage 162 games to be considered, but you probably have to manage at least a few more than 57. Buck's chance at that award will come again. Hopefully, say in 2011. Meanwhile, today I think the AL will hand out its Cy Young Award to a 13-game winner. Seattle's Felix Hernandez should win the award and I have no questions or reservations about it. He was the best pitcher in the league this year, 13 wins or not. Not too long ago, I wrote about this and my reasons to back King Felix. Feel free to re-visit that blog here and share some thoughts on Buck or the King.
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