The botched rundown

Well, you knew San Diego would score after the Orioles botched that rundown between second and third in the last of the first. Cesar Izturis was chasing the runner toward third base and just needed to keep running at him and there likely would have been two runners at third and an easy third out. But he made a throw he didn't need to make and a return throw was too late and the O's botched a basic rundown. Jim Palmer and Eddie Murray sounded amazed and stunned in the booth. Nick Markakis I think indicated sometimes the players don't seem to have a clue. Sometimes they don't seem to have a high IQ for the game. Why do batters swing at the first pitch when a pitcher is wild? Why do outfielders throw to the wrong base on cutoff plays? Why did a batter last night get called for interference with the catcher on a steal attempt when all they had to do was stand still? Of course after making the mental mistakes, the players always stay in the game. What is probably most disturbing to fans is to see the team so often contribute to the losses. It would be one thing to just get beat, but this is just awful. Why are Garrett Atkins, Julio Lugo and Lou Montanez still on the roster? Is Lou still with this team? Is Atkins? If they are not being used why doesn't the front office get someone in here who the manager might want to play sometime. I just don't get it.

Good pitching on the farm
The good and the bad (updated)

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