The players talk about Tillman

Here are some comments from Orioles' players about Chris Tillman and his debut tonight. David Hernandez - "When I was brought up from Norfolk, he was just starting to get going. If he just pitches how he pitches, he shouldn't change a thing when he gets up here. "He's a guy that when he goes out there and if he's getting hit around, if you look at the guy you wouldn't know he was getting hit around. It's just how his demeanor is. If things are going good, he's the same." Nolan Reimold - "He is a young guy with great stuff and a lot of poise on the mound. I think when he gets up here, he'll be the same way. So I expect big things from Tillman and I think he'll be very good from the start." Matt Wieters - "He's got great stuff. I think the best thing he's got going for him is he's young. He knows how to pitch. The experience he's going to gain up here is something he can take with him really for the rest of his career. "I think his stuff is going to be able to be successful up here, but it's more than just stuff up here. Once he learns some of the smaller things of the game, he's going to be special. "I'm pretty confident that it will translate. (his pitches to Major League success). It's just a matter of how long it's going to take for you to make the adjustments. That's the thing that you realize up here. You have to make the adjustments every game, every pitch and once he learns how to make those adjustments and make them quickly, he's going to be successful. "He's aggressive. He's a fastball guy who pitches off his fastball, but he's also got a great curveball. His changeup when I was catching down there was really starting to come along as a third pitch for him. If he can keep those three pitches going, he's going to have some success. "I don't see him getting too rattled by the lights and cameras up here. He's going to go out there and do his business and especially once he gets his first outing out of the way, he's going to be able to settle in and just get back to pitching. "He had stuff good enough to get through Double-A and Triple-A with just two pitches. But now adding that third pitch (the changeup) is going to be able to make him even better."
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Reimold is on a roll

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