What B-Rob said on MASN

O's second baseman Brian Roberts remains out of the Orioles lineup again today as he deals with a small herniated disc in his back. This past Thursday, during the Brian Roberts segment on the Scott Garceau show, that airs on MASN and 105.7 FM the fan, Roberts provided an update on his injury. "The back is getting better every day. I'm doing most regular activities that every one else is doing, just haven't gotten in a game yet. I was a little delayed on batting practice, we are taking our time progressing slowly, we don't want to have a setback at this point. "April 6th is our main goal and we will keep that as our focus, not necessarily today or tomorrow. Everything feels pretty good. I have a few little barriers I want to work through first, but other than that, everything is great. "Yes, there are certain things that cause a little soreness there, I still have some soreness there. That may be from the back or increased activity. But for the most part I can go out there and take ground balls and I had some BP. Right handed it feels great, but left handed there is some soreness when I do that. But everything is going as planned. "I am itching to get in a game at some point. I know we are not in a major hurry at this point. As I veteran, I may not have the itch I had years ago when I was trying to make the team. But you do want to be out there playing. But being ready for all six months is more important than right now."
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