Wigginton with an update on his back injury

After his back began to tighten up late in the game here on Thursday, O's home run leader Ty Wigginton sat out of last night's game and is not in the starting lineup today either. Ty-Wigginton_White-Standing-Offense-Tall.jpg Wigginton says the injury remains minor and we could see him at some point in today's game. "It's improving. I should be available to pinch hit if they need me. "Absolutely (I feel progress from yesterday). It was never to the point where I was overly worried about it." Interim manager Juan Samuel said Wigginton probably could benefit from a second straight off day anyway. "It's probably smarter not to (start) but I feel like I could. I would say I should be fine (tomorrow)," Wigginton said. Wigginton is tied for 12th in the AL with 13 homers and he has one more than Mark Teixeria, Evan Longoria, Dustin Pedroia and Torri Hunter. He has not homered since May 22 vs. the Nationals, now going 27 games without one as pitchers have tried to make it tough for him to hit it out. "I feel like they've done a better job the last month keeping the ball down. The whole key is when you get that mistake not missing it. There have been a few times here where I have fouled it off (a mistake pitch). You want to square it up when you get that." With the O's offense struggling, you know opposing pitchers have singled out Wigginton as a guy to pitch carefully. "If there is a guy that is hot, you try not to let that guy beat you. Nick Markakis has gone through that. It's part of baseball. I won't say you are a marked man, but you have to be even more disciplined then to take your walks and just get on base."

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