Will Fox get off the bench? (plus Vito checks in)

No one is saying or even hinting that Jake Fox could even begin to be the answer to all that ails the Orioles offense. But it would be nice to see him get a few starts along the way. Did they trade for the guy just as a utility/bench player? It's only two games since he has been here, but Fox is not in today's starting lineup either. I know the guy got designated for assignment and is batting just .214-2-12 in 98 at bats, but does he need to become the latest player to find the O's bench and seldom be heard from again? Maybe he will soon play more. Maybe the O's want to get some of his issues from this year worked out in BP before he seems some game action. But with the team struggling to hit all year, why not see what Fox can do? Here is what interim manager Juan Samuel said when asked that question today. "Well, we are going to try and play everybody. We are trying to see who we are facing matchup-wise. All these guys are going to get some playing time, at the right time." Don't know when the right time will be for Fox. Fox outperformed Garrett Atkins at the Major League level in 2009: Atkins: .226-9-48 in 354 AB.....342 slug.......650 OPS. Fox: .259-11-44 in 216 AB......468 slug........779 OPS. Let me state again. Fox is not likely to be any real answer for this offense. You don't often get players that were DFA'd to hit in the middle of your order. I just hope he at least can get some at bats here so we can see for ourselves and his performance can determine where it leads from there. By the way, recently released pitcher Vito Frabizio wrote in on another blog entry earlier today. Here is what he wrote if you missed it. Steve - I appreciate the story. Getting released was one of the hardest things i've ever had to deal with in my young life, although life does go on. I LOVED the orioles I loved the people in the organization and i loved being part of such a great tradition. On the other hand, its time to move on i have alot of teams calling me and i will move forward. As for the O's I was not a fan before i came here, but I will tell u one thing that no matter where i go. the Os will be a personal favorite. I told Vito thanks for the nice note. I know he made some fans and friends in Bluefield and other parts of this organization along the way. I hope he keeps in touch with me and I'll the fans know if he can hook on with another team. Good luck, Vito. - Steve.

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