Wondering about a few things

Did you ever wonder...... *Why in baseball, when a fly ball hits that big yellow pole down the line, it's a home run even though it just hit the "foul" pole. *Why baseball doesn't have a stat for team error? When a pop that clearly should be caught, drops between two defenders, the batter should not get credit for that hit. That should be an example of a team error. *If baseball will play a weekday World Series game in the daytime ever again. *Why some fans are so quick to rush to judgment on minor league players. Some label Matt Hobgood a lost first-round pick already, when his stats were respectable for a 19-year-old in his first full season in the minors. *When baseball will return to a balanced schedule. The AL champion Texas Rangers went 19-25 vs. the East and 71-47 vs. everyone else this season. *If baseball will ever have the same rules for both leagues. Either all adopt the DH or no one uses it. *If baseball will realize that having the All-Star Game set home-field advantage for the World Series is just nuts. *If baseball will ever have a world-wide draft. *If there will be a key free agent that the Yankees are not interested in. According to this story, the Yankees will make a big push for Cliff Lee, but not for Carl Crawford or Jason Werth. Feel free to write in with what you are thinking about or wondering about today with baseball generally or more specifically, the Orioles.

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