Strasburg’s goal: “Best shape of my life”

Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg is rehabilitating on schedule from Tommy John surgery in early September. Strasburg is in good spirits and says he is one or two months away from baseball activities.

“They have a plan in place that is normal to start throwing about four or five months after surgery,” Strasburg said. “I am now three months post-surgery. So, in a month or two, I will be able to get throwing again. Right now, I am concentrating on getting my elbow stronger.”

Strasburg continues to work out and lift weights as he gets closer to full participation for his pitching arm, which is still a ways away.

“I am in the the gym six times a week and they are clearing me now for more upper body work,” Strasburg said. “I have been working on my core, back and legs.”

Strasburg regularly keeps in contact with Nationals trainer Lee Kuntz and has spoken with Jordan Zimmermann on what to expect post-surgery.

Strasburg also is thrilled with the addition of outfielder Jayson Werth.

“I think it is a really good move to get a really good player,” Strasburg said. “It will be exciting to see the team next year.”

Strasburg says the work that general manager Mike Rizzo and the front office are doing to improve the Nationals will help get the attention of other potential free agents.

“What Mr. Rizzo wants to do with the organization is make it a place that attracts the top talent from around the country,” Strasburg said. “A lot people don’t realize yet that (D.C.) is a great place to play.”

Strasburg does not want to get ahead of himself and be too optimistic, but he does feel good about the positive direction physical therapy is going with his repaired elbow.

“It is still too early,” Strasburg said. “I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch. I am taking it one day at a time. Every single day is a new challenge.”

“It is a good opportunity to get in best shape of my life. I feel like I am heading in the right direction.”

Strasburg looks forward to throwing off the mound again soon, but is focusing solely on rehabilitation now.

“When the Nats say it’s time to start throwing back in D.C., I will be ready, But that decision is out of my control,” Strasburg said. “The things I can control are the effort I put into physical therapy, the lifting to build strength and mobility in the elbow.”

As for off season sports, Strasburg is a big fan of the NFL’s San Diego Chargers. He says he was bummed that they lost to the Oakland Raiders last week but feels good about their chances in the AFC West.

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