Werth “doing a lot better” as he deals with severe bone bruise

Left fielder Jayson Werth continues to make progress in his recovery from what is listed as a left foot contusion that has kept him on the shelf since June 4.

Nationals manager Dusty Baker had a positive update on Werth during Monday’s pregame media availability before the Nats faced off against the Cubs. Baker thinks a target date might be July 14 in Cincinnati for Werth’s return to the field.

“Well, he’s doing good,” Baker said. “He comes in to see me every day. He took a few swings yesterday. Still can’t run. He’s without the boot now, which is a definite plus. He’s even talked about maybe going to Florida. He brought that up to us to go work out and try to get ready.

“So I’d be very, very happy if indeed he could be ready at the earliest probably after the break -- including rehab, including swinging, running and throwing, everything (that it) entails to get back to playing baseball.”

jayson-werth-bummed-white.pngWerth confirmed it was more of a bone bruise and he is working toward running soon.

“I’m doing a lot better,” Werth said. “Kind of getting going, looking at our schedule, maybe have a rehab assignment. Not quite there, but definitely improving.

“It was something I knew was going to take some time. Had something similar in the past, but nothing this bad. This one was way worse. MRI showed quite a bit of bone edema. We knew it would be four to six weeks.”

Is after the All-Star break the target timeframe?

“It just is what it is,” Werth said. “When it’s ready, I’ll be ready to go play and then it’s just a matter of getting my legs in shape. It’s nice, (the) team having a nice lead, but I want to be on the field.

“You hate to put a day on it or a timeline on it, but we’re getting close to getting on the field, getting to running, that whole thing. Progression is coming along, but it’s taking time.”

Left-hander Sammy SolĂ­s is nearing a half-dozen rehab games as he works his way back from left elbow inflammation that sent him to the disabled list on April 19. He has now missed a whopping 60 games.

“He’s close, he’s very close,” Baker said. “The other day, he just had his first back-to-back. We’ll see how he comes off of that. But before you bring him back, you have to send somebody else out. That’s a tough one. Certain guys that might have options are probably pitching pretty good and don’t deserve to go, and there are other guys contractually, they can’t go. Or contractually you’re obligated to pay them a bunch of money. Sometimes you got to wait.”

Not as detailed is the report on right-hander Koda Glover, who is on the disabled list with lower back stiffness.

“Not sure. I just see him around the clubhouse,” Baker said. “He’s still (getting) treatment. I got to check with our trainer when we get back.”

Glover did not comment about his status when he was approached in the clubhouse.

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