Dozier and others on team expecting baby Nats soon

Nationals of the future are on the way with the wives of Brian Dozier, Daniel Hudson and Hunter Strickland expecting babies very soon.

I asked Dozier before today’s game when the due date is for his wife, Renee, for their first baby girl and he semi-joked “in about an hour”.

Dozier-Beef-Blue-sidebar.jpgDozier is not in the starting lineup today. But Nationals manager Davey Martinez said there is another reason for the day off. Dozier got stepped on sliding into third base in Tuesday’s win over the Reds.

“It’s on its way,” Martinez said. “Any day now. Believe it or not, we got three. I’m going to have to have a meeting about having babies during the season, because we got two players and then one of our guys, analytical guys, his wife is due any day now, too.

“They keep coming up to me - I feel like a midwife. I said, ‘Just let me know.’ And it’s (Dozier’s) first one, so he’s (excited), you know? They’re telling me this and they’re telling me that. So just let me know.

“Yesterday, when he slid, they stepped on his hand pretty good. I would imagine he was real sore yesterday, and imagine that he was really sore today, so he’s got a lot going on right now.”

Hunter Strickland’s wife, Shelley, is reportedly being induced at the end of August. The new baby will be their second child. The Hudson family is also about a month away from welcoming a new baby.

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