On this date today and in the past (Mancini update)

The deadline has arrived for teams to sign their arbitration-eligible players for the 2021 season. The Orioles tendered contracts to outfielders Trey Mancini and Anthony Santander back on Dec. 2. However, the sides will exchange figures later this afternoon if they don’t reach agreements by 1 p.m., and hearings will be scheduled for next month. Negotiations are allowed to continue beyond the salary exchange. However, ... read more

Cueing some curiosities in 2021

The Baltimore baseball media often was promised during manager Buck Showalter’s tenure that its curiosity soon would be satisfied. Mostly, yes. Sometimes, no. I’m curious whether spring training is going to start on the dates set for each club. Of course, every team is being told to get ready for it. The same message was sent in October. What’s the alternative? Better to keep that ... read more

Curious about Kjerstad in 2021

The implementation of the alternate camp site and participation in the fall instructional league were geared in part toward avoiding a setback in the development of prospects who couldn’t get at-bats and innings in the minors. But what about the excluded players? What about outfielder Heston Kjerstad, who wasn’t able to report to Prince George’s Stadium or the Ed Smith Stadium complex because of an ... read more

Taking a closer look at minicamp outfielders

The three-day minicamp at the Ed Smith Stadium complex has reached its halfway point this morning. Five outfielders working with three instructors in Sarasota temperatures reaching the low 70s. The high fives will be kept to a minimum for social distancing purposes. The outfielders are in varying stages of their careers. Three of them have reached the majors. One remains a rookie in 2021 who ... read more

More on Mansolino and some minors mumblings

When the Orioles made the decision to remove José Flores as third base coach and infield instructor, they didn’t rush through the process of finding his replacement. They didn’t react as though they were on the clock. There was a slow build to the composition of the final list of candidates, with the Orioles more interested in making an outside hire rather than shifting one ... read more

Taking a few wrong turns

Trying to predict moves in an unpredictable world is advised only if you’re not putting down money. And I’m really talking about the baseball offseason. I get my share right. I also get some wrong. And sometimes I’m just a little surprised. I thought the Orioles would have no interest in bringing back Jonathan Villar, simply choosing to move on from a player they traded ... read more

Sulser on working with Holmes and Holt

The change in titles for Darren Holmes from Orioles bullpen coach to assistant pitching coach won’t distance him from the relievers. He’s going to have the same vantage point for games, with the same influence. That’s good news to Cole Sulser, who said he benefited from his work with Holmes in 2020. “It was great. It was a fantastic experience,” Sulser said this week. “I ... read more

Orioles notes on minicamp and free agent possibilities

The Orioles are proceeding as though their pitchers and catchers will report to spring training on Feb. 16. As though there will be a full slate of workouts and exhibition games, followed by opening day on April 1 in Boston. They can’t let the unpredictability of a pandemic influence their plans. Adjustments will be made if necessary. In the meantime, it’s been deemed safe to ... read more