Liz Pardo makes history as baseball gets back to normal

While it will probably be the COVID-19 pandemic that headlines the 2020 chapter of baseball in history books for years to come, we shouldn’t just flip through all of the encouraging pages that were written in this unforgettable year. Women broke barriers that stood for too long across the game and the Orioles had a front row seat. One of those women was Maryland native ... read more

Get “Home Run Rich” from Maryland Lottery’s “Contestant of the Game” promotion

Warmer weather is here, summer is near and that means one thing - Orioles baseball is back, along with the Maryland Lottery’s popular “Contestant of the Game” promotion. The Lottery will select a contestant for each of the 162 Orioles games this season to win cash prizes. Enter winning and non-winning FAST PLAY Home Run Riches tickets, purchased between March 8 and Aug. 23, into ... read more

“Orioles Classics” #TBT: O’s sluggers make Camden Yards a lumberyard

Late February always fills baseball fans with anticipation, and it is doing so again. But this year it’s different. This year we aren’t taking spring games for granted. As of this writing, the Orioles’ exhibition and regular seasons are scheduled to take place on time, and fully. Assuming that doesn’t change, this will be our last Throwback Thursday until October. “Orioles Classics” closes out February ... read more

“Orioles Classics” #TBT: Postseason memories and some prodigious power

Well, we’ve made it. Spring training has started, and a new baseball season is right around the corner. After all the havoc created by the pandemic since March, it feels good to look ahead to something with eager anticipation, doesn’t it? While the Orioles get ready in Florida, we’ll continue revisiting yesteryear with “Orioles Classics” on MASN. This week, we’ve got two distinct themes: postseason ... read more

“Orioles Classics” #TBT: Going to the Matt

The Super Bowl is now behind us. The NCAA’s March Madness - we hope - lies just ahead. But as far as MASN world is concerned, the really big event is scheduled to begin next week. In five days - cross your fingers, knock on wood or perform any other superstitious ritual you like to ward off evil spirits and the always looming potential coronavirus-related ... read more

Daschbach hoping to supplement power with well-rounded approach

Mark Daschbach didn’t miss a single game of his son’s junior season at Stanford. As Andrew Daschbach tore through the Pac-12 in 2019, smashing 17 home runs for the second consecutive year, Mark was there to witness it all. “I think he lives vicariously through me,” Andrew said. Mark, a Stanford graduate himself, even made the trip east from Atherton, Calif., several times later that ... read more

“Orioles Classics” #TBT: Clinchers and a milestone blast

There’s still snow on the ground, but that may be a temporary condition, with temperatures in the 50s being predicted for tomorrow. My back is still sore from shoveling, though the pre-snow removal Tylenol seems to have helped considerably. All in all, I’m ready for warmer weather. Spring can be sprung any time. Who’s with me? Well, we’re all in the same boat. Depending on ... read more

“Orioles Classics” #TBT: Something old, something new

We’re rapidly running out of January. Assuming we’re still on the Gregorian calendar - I, for one, take nothing for granted - that means we’ll soon be in February, which means spring training! That, of course, assumes that pandemic-induced protocols don’t postpone it. Like I said, take nothing for granted. So while we wait out these last few weeks (or more) before things start hopping ... read more