Nationals call for “unity and solidarity” in statement

Following the trend initiated by a few Major League Baseball clubs over the weekend and echoed by many more franchises throughout the day, the Nationals issued a statement late Tuesday in response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the charging of police officer Derek Chauvin with third-degree murder and manslaughter, and the protests that have taken place across the country in the aftermath. ... read more

MLB, union seem far apart, but middle ground awaits them

It’s hard to look at the competing proposals for the 2020 season offered up by Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association and come to the conclusion that the two sides are anywhere close to striking a deal. But here’s a key point that must be taken into consideration when trying to gauge the state of negotiations: Both sides are purposely making proposals that ... read more

Nationals change course, will keep paying minor leaguers in full

One day after learning their own major league players had pledged to cover the pay cuts the organization was imposing on minor leaguers, Nationals ownership reversed course and elected to continue making full weekly stipend payments to their players, a source familiar with the decision confirmed. The Nationals’ intention to reduce the stipends given to minor leaguers from $400 per week to $300 per week ... read more

Nats players pledge to cover minor leaguers’ pay cuts

Nationals players, after learning Sunday the organization is cutting minor leaguers’ weekly pay this month, have collectively pledged to cover the difference on their own. The club, which by Major League Baseball mandate had been paying all minor leaguers $400 per week throughout April and May, will reduce that amount to $300 per week in June, a source familiar with the decision confirmed. The reductions ... read more

It’s time for baseball to help bring us back together

It all seems so trivial right now, doesn’t it, the bickering between Major League Baseball and its players over how to fairly set salaries for the 2020 season? Our country is coming apart at the seams, protests and riots consuming cities across America over an issue that has plagued this land of ours for centuries and has now reached a boiling point. All of this, ... read more

That time I won the Presidents Race at RFK Stadium

It’s been a particularly tough week, with far too much negative news in both the baseball and larger world. So let’s try to end it on a lighter note, with a personal anecdote. About the time I ran in the Presidents Race. It’s Aug. 17, 2006, and the fourth-inning Presidents Race is still a new event during Nationals games. First conceived as an animated race ... read more

Scherzer shoots down MLB plan as clock ticks down for deal

If you didn’t realize how far apart Major League Baseball owners and players were in their negotiations over pay cuts for the proposed 2020 season, Max Scherzer served up a harsh reminder late Wednesday night that the chasm right now is vast. The Nationals ace and member of the MLB Players Association’s eight-person executive subcommittee said the union has no intention of accepting any more ... read more

Reduced pay, but no layoffs, for Nationals employees

While Major League Baseball and its players continue to spar over how to restructure salaries for the 2020 season, club employees around the sport are beginning to learn they won’t be paid in full this year. The Nationals joined the list Tuesday, informing all full-time team employees they will see their salaries and work hours reduced by a modest amount. According to a source familiar ... read more