Updates on Zimmermann, Desmond and Clippard (with video)

SAN DIEGO - Mike Rizzo had “a lot of dialogue with a lot of teams” during Day Two of the Winter Meetings, but the Nationals general manager said that no deals are imminent at this point.

He has not met with right-hander Jordan Zimmermann’s representatives as of yet during the Winter Meetings, but plans to before the week is up.

“Zim’s part of the furniture here,” Rizzo said. “He’s drafted, signed, developed and starred with the same organization. We feel he’s one of our own, and we’re certainly eager to discuss things with him.”

The Nats have tried to reach a long-term contract extension with Zimmermann each of the last two years, but haven’t been able to get one done. Rizzo said he doesn’t necessarily view this round of talks as the Nats’ final chance to reach an extension with Zimmermann, and he also doesn’t know that he has an exact idea of what Zimmermann’s reps might ask for in terms of years or dollars this time around.

“I don’t want to draw any conclusions on if we know what they’re looking for (from) our past talks,” Rizzo said. “We’re just going to keep an open dialogue and see where it takes us.”

desmond running road red sidebar.jpgRizzo has, however, met with shortstop Ian Desmond’s agents in San Diego. Asked jokingly by a reporter how that conversation went, Rizzo smiled but declined to offer an answer.

The Nats have had a number of teams reach out to them about multiple relief pitchers within the last 24 hours, Rizzo said. Tyler Clippard is one reliever, in particular, that the Nats continue to get asked about.

Rizzo said that he sensed the market for relievers change once the White Sox signed closer David Robertson to a four-year, $46 million deal last night.

“When Robertson signed, our relief pitchers came more into focus with other clubs,” Rizzo said. “We got a lot of traffic on those guys.”

The Nats will continue to listen to offers on Clippard, who is entering his final year of team control and is set to make upwards of $9 million through arbitration.

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