What’s still on your Nationals wish list?

The Nationals went shopping early this winter. They made a bunch of moves in November and early December to address most of their glaring roster needs, leaving only a few remaining items left to cross off during this holiday season.

But they’re not entirely done yet. There are still acquisitions to be made, vacant positions to be filled. And, of course, there’s the biggest prize of all still out there, unsure whether he’ll be returning to Washington in 2019 or heading elsewhere for the next chapter of his career.

Rendon-Dugout-Congrats-Sidebar.jpgSo let’s take a moment today to get into the spirit of the holidays and open this forum up to all of you to share your wish list. Maybe you really want Bryce Harper to stay in a Nationals uniform forever. Maybe you’d rather get DJ LeMahieu to play second base and then lock up Anthony Rendon long term.

Or maybe you’ve got loftier wishes, ones that don’t necessarily have to do with individuals on the roster, but rather team success come September and October.

What are you still hoping to get this year? Don’t be shy. The worst thing that can happen is you end up with a lump of virtual coal, right?

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