Friday morning Nats Q&A

Are we possibly only a few weeks away from baseball? If Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association can come to an agreement - and if society at large is ready for it - we could see “Spring Training 2.0” begin roughly three weeks from now, then the regular season begin the first week of July.

Kendrick-HR-Swing-Blue-WS-G7-Sidebar.jpgIn the meantime, the Nationals are all set to hold their virtual ring ceremony on Sunday at 7 p.m. on MASN, a surprise development that has caught some folks off guard this week. It’s not the way anyone expected this to happen, but it’s happening.

With all of this actual news looming in the near future, this seemed like a good time to take your questions. As always, leave them in the comments section below, then check back throughout the morning for my answers. (If you’re refreshing your browser and not seeing any new responses, don’t worry. It probably just means I’m busy teaching my 8-year-old son about Jackie Robinson and probability. Seriously, both of those were among his virtual school topics this week.)

Hope everyone is well, and hope we will have some real baseball to talk about in the near future!

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