Baseball shouldn’t break the bank

I felt a fan’s pain when I read his thread on a Baltimore Sun message board:

“2 hot dogs, 2 beers = $31...That pretty much sums up my experience at Yankee Stadium last night.”

That fan went on to complain that the prices at Yankee Stadium are “astronomical,” and if you’re a regular fan at the ballpark these days, it’s no secret that a baseball game is a more expensive event than it used to be.


When purchasing tickets to the Red Sox-Orioles game at Fenway Park this Saturday, I swallowed the near $50 per ticket price tag with more than a little effort--especially considering that although I was lucky to get last-minute tickets at all, they aren’t exactly box seats along the first base line either, keep in mind.

But it’ll be worth it to see the Orioles and Fenway Park in one sweep, and at least I’m not paying ticket prices at the new Yankee Stadium...

Even at Oriole Park, it still might cost you a Lincoln to buy yourself a hot dog, just like at any other stadium these days, but O’s fans have to admit that the Orioles have made a huge effort to keep the price of an evening at the Yard at a reasonable number for their fans.

After buying the Red Sox-Orioles tickets, I had a whole new appreciation for the $8 upper deck tickets you can buy at the Yard every Tuesday night or the $50 Field Box seats (40 rows back and a section over from home plate) that I was able to get for Matt Wieters’ debut with the O’s.

A beer is nowhere near the $11 the fan mentioned above paid for a Heineken at Yankee Stadium.

And on the subject of food, the Orioles are one of only a few teams who allow fans to bring their own food and beverages into the ballpark. Fans can’t bring hard-sided coolers, thermoses, glass bottles, cans or alcoholic beverages into the park, but you can bring drinks in plastic bottles, as well as your own food.

Granted ballpark food is part of the tradition of going to a ballgame, but it’s a pretty nice courtesy that fans can bring in their own food if they need or want to do so.

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