Fantasy Baseball makes it to MASN & a reminder for the weekend

It’s part of the nature of a sports fan. Every fan, no matter how loyal or faithful, has his or her own ideas about what might work better than what’s already been tried.

So if you think you could GM better than the rest of ‘em, the job offer has arrived at

MASN announced its first Fantasy Baseball contest today, challenging fans to put together their own Major League Baseball roster and compete with other fans for weekly prizes throughout the second half of the baseball season.

Fans can begin selecting their teams and filling their 12-man rosters in preparation for the for the Maximum Access Fantasy Baseball competition that will kick off on Monday, August 3.

Rosters will be subject to a virtual $100 million salary cap and can be modified each week throughout the remainder of the season.

In exchange for all those front office hours you’ll be putting in, MASN Prize Packs - including at least one item autographed by an Orioles Player - will be awarded each week throughout the challenge. And no matter how many followers you might be able to announce your other fantasy feats to on the web, you have to admit that B-Rob’s autograph in your hand probably beats bragging rights on (Or, brag all you want about your team’s winning ways and the prizes you won on!)

But the prizes don’t stop at a prize pack and a piece of autographed memorabilia a week--at the end of the season, 10 grand prize winners will have the opportunity to have lunch and talk baseball with O’s manager Dave Trembley.

For rules and regulations, info about scoring, or to start filling out your roster today, click here to sign up for MASN’s Maximum Access Fantasy Baseball only on

OriolesREACH, the Orioles Wives, MASN, WJZ-TV, Von Paris and the Oriole Advocates will host the 23rd annual OriolesREACH Food Drive this weekend at Camden Yards.


Various Orioles Wives and members of MASN, WJZ-TV and the Oriole Advocates will be collecting items or the food drive at each gate Friday, Saturday and Sunday this weekend from the time the gates open and through the second inning of each game.

So if you’re headed to an O’s game this weekend, take a few minutes to pick up a few non-parisable food items or to make a cash donation to the food drive to benefit the Maryland Food Bank.

Every little bit makes a difference, as last year fans came together to donate 5,200 pounds of food and more than $30,000 to benefit the cause.

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