Maximum access to stats you want to know with MASN to GO

Baseball is a lot of things: nostalgic, fun, traditional, exciting, challenging, both intricate and simple, historical...

It’s a game that takes skill and precision and one that evokes emotions and memories, but it’s also one that falls back always on the tradition of numbers.

You’ve heard people say, “Baseball has a statistic for everything.” And it’s true.

And you might be one of those people with all those gritty facts committed to memory. Or you might be someone who’s interested in the numbers, but admittedly needs a reference to call them up in conversation or during a game.

If you’re the latter, your fact finding just got a whole lot easier with the launch of’s new MASN to GO.

MASN to GO is a downloadable and printable stats package similar to the information MASN’s on-air talent use to prepare for game broadcasts.

As stats change each night and as the O’s take on a new opponent every three or four days of the season, the pdf files are automatically updated with the newest info and are available for fans each morning to enjoy throughout the day.


So whether you’re headed to the ballpark or parking yourself in front of the TV for an away game on MASN, you’ll now have access to the same kind of info the pros use throughout the day and during games.

For now, simply click here to download the latest MASN to GO stats pack. Once you’ve printed your stats pages or settled in with the page open on your computer, you’ll have everything from Adam Jones’ batting average (.307) to his birthday (8-01-85 - Coming up soon!).

But it doesn’t stop there. You’ll have BA’s against tonight’s opposing starter and their averages against the O’s starting pitcher, probable pitching matchups for every game scheduled that day--and tomorrow, transactions and player news, standings, league leaders, hitting stats, pitching stats...

It’s practically a daily Baseball Reference brought to you.

So whether you’re headed to Boston this weekend or plan to catch the game at home on MASN, don’t forget to grab your MASN to GO, and you’ll be the one spouting off stats your friend with the incredible stats-vault memory won’t even know.

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