Orioles and the All-Star Game

This might be Adam Jones’ first All-Star Game, but in addition to the rule that ensures each team sends a representative, the Orioles are no strangers to the events of All-Star week.

The Orioles have hosted the All-Star Game twice in the event’s history, and the American League came out on top both times. The first Midsummer Classic held in Birdland was in 1958 when the AL took the All-Star Game from the NL 4-3. The second Oriole-hosted All-Star Game took place in 1993, one year after Oriole Park at Camden Yards opened its gates. That year the AL took the NL by the wider margin of 9-3.


And though the Orioles won’t be sending a Bird to the Home Run Derby this year, more than a handful of Orioles have swung heavy enough bats to land them an invite to the exciting precursor to the All-Star Game.

The Orioles have sent six different O’s to the HR Derby a total of nine times, including duplicate appearances from Miguel Tejada, Brady Anderson, and Cal Ripken, Jr.

Miguel Tejada and Cal Ripken, Jr. were both winners of the Home Run Derby, Tejada in 2004 after smacking 27 total HRs out of Minute Maid Park in Houston and Cal in 1991 after hitting 12 homers out of the SkyDome in Toronto.

In 1991 Cal Ripken, Jr. also went on to become the first of only three players to win the HR Derby and homer in the All-Star Game and the first of only two players to win the Derby, homer in the All-Star Game and take home the MVP Award in one swoop.

Five Orioles have taken home the All-Star MVP Award, and one Bird took home the honor more than once.

Four Orioles managers have skippered the American League All-Star Team a total of seven times, but that group led the AL to victory only once, in 1971.

Since the All-Star Game began in 1933, the National League has a slight edge over the AL at 41-36. The Midsummer Classic has ended in a tie twice (2002, 1961), and only one year, 1945, failed to produce a meeting of the some of the game’s best ballpalyers.

Enjoy the Home Run Derby and the All-Star game over the next few days and get ready to pick up your orange and black again on Friday as the Orioles face the White Sox in Chicago.

Trivia Questions:
1. Name the five Orioles who have earned the All-Star MVP Award...Include the years if you really want to impress everyone.

2. Name the manager who led the American league to its single victory under an Oriole skipper?

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