What’s your take on the shaving cream pie celebration?

There were no shaving cream pies after the Orioles’ incredible 11-10 comeback win over the Red Sox Tuesday night. But there have been plenty of them in the first half of the ‘09 baseball season with a steady string of Orioles rookies making their debuts and their marks on the Yard.

The players seem to be enjoying themselves and welcoming the young guys with open arms. And the fans seem to anticipate the ritual with a smile after a young pitcher’s first win or a certain catcher’s first home run.

It’s at least fun to see Adam Jones bolt into the tunnel from the dugout after a special win, knowing he’s sprinting to Dave Trembley’s office to bake up a nice big shaving cream pie before Amber finishes her postgame interview on the field.

But not everyone’s a fan of the shaving cream pie celebration.

One Yahoo! Sports writer gives five reasons MLB should ban the shaving cream pie, arguing that the ritual is “dangerous, burns your eyes, has become cliché, and prevents TV people from doing their jobs” before suggesting that “It’s time to give other tactics a shot.”

So what’s your take? Tired, tactless or too funny?

Not sure where you fall? Watch this montage of Orioles getting a pie in the face to help you decide.

One last note: If you saw these moments during the TV broadcast, did anyone else notice that Amber’s interview was effectively over after the shaving cream pie hit every other Oriole except Matt Wieters, who took his pie in the face with a second’s pause and a smile before dropping his batting helmet back on his head and answering Amber through mouth and eyes half covered in foam--talk about composure from a rookie...

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