Light rail derailment cleared, Camden Station stadium entrance reopened

The Orioles would like to alert fans heading to Oriole Park at Camden Yards tonight that a light rail train has derailed near the Camden Station, blocking access to Oriole Park from Conway and Howard streets.

LightRail.jpgFans are advised to access Oriole Park on-site parking lots via Lee Street (off of Russell Street), Ostend Street or Hamburg Street.

We’ll keep you updated with any new information that becomes available.

The derailment occurred shortly before 4 p.m., the worst possible time considering rush hour. Throw in fans from New York attending tonight’s game who don’t know the area well enough to maneuver around the issue, and you’re sure to have some significant traffic problems around the stadium.

Update: The derailment has been cleared and the intersection opened as of 4:55 p.m.

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