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Throwback Thursday: In a pinch

With the Orioles season just around the corner, I thought we’d throw it back to a thriller at Camden Yards. On June 23, Chris Davis was kept out of the lineup to rest. After eight innings on the bench, Buck Showalter called on Davis to pinch-hit in the bottom of the ninth with the O’s trailing the White Sox by a run. On a full

Hitting the Books with Gary Thorne: “Crazy Horse - A Life”

Crazy Horse is a name that evokes the history of Native Americans in the western United States at a time when they were being pushed from their lands, and the violence between U.S. troops and numerous tribes was ongoing. Among the most noted of all chiefs, Crazy Horse’s life is tough to recreate. Larry McMurtry tried to do just that in “Crazy Horse - A

MASN president, Orioles executive VP John P. Angelos answers fans’ questions on Twitter

Since becoming a mainstream social media outlet, Twitter has served as a personal way for sports fans to interact with their favorite teams and players. What makes Twitter so unique is that fans can tweet at and get answers directly from the source. And on March 18, John P. Angelos, executive vice president/COO of the Orioles and president/COO of MASN, allowed fans to do

Hitting the Books with Gary Thorne: “The Old Man and the Sea”

In my 30 years of broadcasting Major League Baseball, there have been far too many plane rides, far too many delays and what could have been, far too many wasted hours. Thank heavens, since the earliest years, I have loved to read. Books are friends to me. Libraries are where those friends live. I engage both as often as possible in my travels. Just

MASNsports.com sets guest blogger rotation for first half of 2015

Here at MASNsports.com, we don’t live in a bubble. We realize we’re one of many places you turn for your Orioles news and views, though we certainly hope our blogs are among your first stops (and a place you visit multiple times each day). That’s one of the reasons why, in 2011, we started featuring guest bloggers on our site. We realized the blogosphere -

Sure sign of spring: Autograph event at Dempsey’s

Weather got you down? Tired of snow, ice and cold? I can empathize. In fact, I’ve had to make due for the past two storms with a snow shovel that’s about to give up the ghost. Home Depot and Lowe’s act as if it’s never snowed in Baltimore in March. And all those bulbs and fertilizer don’t exactly do a good job of moving the

O’s team with Marie Selby Botanical Gardens for 2015 “Go Green” Day, green cap auction

St. Patrick’s Day won’t be the only reason to deck out in green if you’re visiting Ed Smith Stadium when the Orioles play the Twins on March 17. The Orioles announced today that Marie Selby Botanical Gardens will be their partner for “Go Green” Day that day at the park in Sarasota, Fla. Selby Gardens, a world-renowned botanical research center and leader in environmental education,

Five “Orioles Classics” to air on MASN this week

I’ve got good news, Birdland. Grapefruit League games begin for the Orioles on Tuesday, March 3 and MASN HD will air its first spring training game of the year on Thursday, March 5 at 7 p.m. While we rejoice in the return of live Grapefruit League baseball, be sure to catch five “Orioles Classics” this week. Here’s what’s on deck: Monday, March 2, 1 p.m.:

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