International players getting noticed in fall instructional camp

The fall instructional camp allows the Orioles to give more work to prospects who also joined the alternate camp site in Bowie or were excluded. And it provides a way to become more familiar with some of the international signings. If José Cosma doesn't sound familiar to you, the Orioles announced his signing on Jan. 24. SN Nation's tracker listed him as joining the organization ... read more

Bevy of shortstops won't bump Henderson from position

While the Orioles wait to make official their decision to pick up the option on José Iglesias' contract, the only potential glitch tied to finances, they're in the developmental stages with a handful of shortstop prospects who could vie for the position. Don't bother checking out the fall instructional camp in Sarasota, Fla. because it's closed to the public, but the group of 55 includes ... read more

Draft selections impressing in fall instructional camp

The inability to put this year's draft selections in the 60-man player pool motivated the Orioles to get them work in the fall instructional league. At least five of the six, with outfielder Heston Kjerstad unavailable due to a non-sports medical issue. Director of player development Matt Blood is down in Sarasota, Fla., to observe, among many things, the raw skills and the progress made ... read more

No games, no problem: Delmarva still held events at Perdue Stadium

As the summer was rolling on, it became apparent it would be a year without minor league baseball. Around the country, that hit some teams and their local communities pretty hard. No games for the fans to see, no revenue for the teams to generate. But that didn't keep Orioles farm teams from reaching out in their local communities to host events that brought some ... read more

Looking at three less-heralded pitchers in fall instructional league

An initial scan of the Orioles' fall instructional league roster, which confirmed the absence of second overall draft pick Heston Kjerstad, highlighted the prospects invited to the Ed Smith Stadium complex and challenged the mind to remember a few of the names. Included among the 24 pitchers were former first-round selections Grayson Rodriguez and DL Hall, and top 30 prospects Zac Lowther, Drew Rom and ... read more

Showing the way: 2020 rookies provide hope for those on farm

When some young talent came up from the Orioles farm system this year and performed well in the major leagues - players like Ryan Mountcastle, Keegan Akin and Dean Kremer - it was a real positive for the organization in many ways. For one, it showed that the organization did have some nice talent down below and knew how to develop it. It was a ... read more

More on three players attending Orioles fall instructional league

Given an opportunity to re-examine the list of players assigned to the fall instructional league, I was bound to come across a few names that prompted me to say something like, "Oh, yeah, that guy." The judges also would have accepted, "I totally forgot about that guy." Pitcher Dan Hammer struck me first. The Orioles selected Hammer in the 13th round of the 2019 First-Year ... read more

Minor league restructuring still to be determined

Beyond discussing the setup for the Orioles fall instructional league camp that began Monday during a Zoom press conference yesterday, O's executive vice president and general manager Mike Elias briefly addressed the future minor league situation. It is one of much uncertainty and unanswered questions. The agreement between Minor League Baseball and Major League Baseball has expired. The sides continue to negotiate a new agreement, ... read more

Five things we learned about Orioles fall instructional league

A five-item list is like air to a sportswriter. Not four, not six, not more. "Five things we learned" can't be altered or you'll be reassigned to the mailroom. And you don't get five warnings. We must have learned five things yesterday about the fall instructional league. I'll take a stab at it. * The plan to have all of the draft selections in Sarasota, ... read more

Elias on Kjerstad's absence from fall instructional league

The opening today of the Orioles' fall instructional league camp in Sarasota, Fla., brings 55 players to the complex for workouts and perhaps games versus other teams in the area. However, this year's first-round draft pick, outfielder Heston Kjerstad, didn't make the trip. Kjerstad is unavailable due to an undisclosed "medical non-sports related reason," according to executive vice president/general manager Mike Elias. The other five ... read more

Orioles' instructional league roster

The Orioles may have wrapped up the 2020 regular season and ended activities at the Bowie alternate site, where some young players got critical development time this summer. But today they are starting their fall instructional league. It's an opportunity for more young and developing players to get individual and team work in at the organization's Ed Smith Stadium complex in Sarasota, Fla. "Our instructional ... read more

A few thoughts on fall instructional league

The Orioles are getting ready to open their fall instructional league down in Sarasota. The Ed Smith Stadium complex is operating again after being shut down for more than six months. One of the smartest moves made by the Orioles has been exercising caution instead of their players. A complete roster of participants will be available soon and figures to include the draft selections who ... read more

These three on O's farm looked to improve even without games

The summer was rolling on and the Orioles' 60-game season was underway. Some, but not all, of the club's top minor league players, were getting great work in at the alternate site in Bowie. But what about the rest of the minor league players? There are more than 100 of them. In this recent entry, pitchers Drew Rom and Brenan Hanifee provided updates about how ... read more

Find a way: Farm pitchers get their work in even without games

Simply put, they are making the best of a rough situation. In a year without minor league baseball games, two Orioles top 30 prospect pitchers are still getting some innings in and trying to advance their careers. They have to work on their own but the Orioles are keeping tabs on them closely. This week I spoke with 20-year-old lefty Drew Rom and 22-year-old right-hander ... read more

How the O's teach English as a second language to young Latin players

When the Orioles sign a young international prospect at 16 from the Dominican Republic or Venezuela, they surely dream of a day when that player will be on their major league team. Maybe even become a star player on a team that can win the World Series. But these Latin American players must travel a long road before any of that can happen, and that ... read more's Jim Callis on O's organizational ranking and more's Jim Callis has been analyzing and covering baseball prospects for a long time. He said one of the most subjective things he takes part in each year is organizational rankings of farms system in Major League Baseball from No. 1 through No. 30. Until recently, his outlet didn't rank all 30, just the top 10 or 15. But now they include every big league ... read more

What does a season without games on farm mean for pitchers' innings?

This unique 2020 season, a year without minor league games, is going to provide teams throughout baseball with challenges in handling their pitching prospects moving forward. Some of these young arms will get some innings in at alternate camp sites around the major leagues or maybe even get some quality innings in while throwing to hitters on their own. But what will it mean toward ... read more

Pop says he's "fully healthy" while throwing in Canada

Everyone has a story. How they spent the summer shutdown and, for professional baseball players, attempted to train and stay attached to their clubs. Just in case a season on hold was put into motion. Orioles pitching prospect Zach Pop can spin an interesting tale. Going back home to Canada and rehabbing his surgically repaired right elbow after the closing of the Twin Lakes Park ... read more

Games or not, O's turn Bowie site into strong player development experience

Were this a "normal" baseball season, players would be getting into games on the farm and getting plenty of at-bats and innings in during minor league games. It would provide chances to improve their skills and advance their careers. Without that this year, the Orioles have tried to develop a strong Plan B at their alternate site at Prince George's Stadium, home of the Double-A ... read more

A look at the player leadership group on O's farm

With the feeling that players helping other players can produce positive results in addition to camaraderie and chemistry, the Orioles now have a player leadership group on the farm. Some of the players doing the leading in this group include Adley Rutschman, Gunnar Henderson, Brett Cumberland, Isaac Mattson and Brian Gonzalez. The O's highest draft pick in 2014, taken No. 90 overall in round three, ... read more