Why so surprised?


I, for one, am not surprised by the Nationals’ start.

Baseball is a team sport, and they stress team. From Wil Nieves to Alberto Gonzales, the Nationals are built to fight - Fight for every run, fight for every out.

The Nats now have players who play unselfish, hardcore baseball the way it’s meant to be played. When Ryan Zimmerman went down with the bad hamstring, the Nationals didn’t miss a beat. Whether it’s Adam Kennedy, Alberto or Willie Harris - whoever has filled in has done a beautiful job.

When Scott Olsen made his first start in Philly, he didn’t care that they got their rings for being the NL Champs from last year. He attacked them like they stole his dog. It was most impressive.

John Lannan was outstanding last night against the Brewers. Matt Capps is bringing the heat and getting that all-important last out.

Rizzo and Mr. Kasten have done a great job putting the 2010 team together, and the best signing by far was Ivan “HOF” Rodriguez. His play is infectious. His desire is remarkable. The Nationals are lucky to have this perfect teacher to watch.

That’s how baseball should be played. Keep it going men.