Still searching for some answers before spring training

A new day brings a new set of questions and curiosities. For instance: * Will left-hander Josh Rogers be invited to spring training next month? Rogers underwent a second procedure on his left elbow on July 3, 2019, this one called an “ulnar collateral ligament revision.” He had Tommy John surgery during his senior year in high school. Making it through his rehab program without ... read more

Leftovers for breakfast

While the Orioles keeping waiting for Major League Baseball to establish its rules for 2021, especially roster sizes for spring training, they must prepare their case against outfielder Anthony Santander in next month’s arbitration hearing. “Against” is a cringe-worthy word when considering his value to the club, his importance in the current state of the rebuild. But there’s no other way to phrase it when ... read more

Inviting conversation about non-roster players in spring training

Is it safe to slip into spring training mode? Is it really going to happen, with Orioles pitchers and catchers reporting on Feb. 16 - one day after most or all of the beat crew arrives in Sarasota, Fla.? Multiple reports are feeding us optimism by the ladle. That’s nice. But I’ll repeat that teams were told back in October to prepare as though camps ... read more

Orioles preparing for arbitration hearing with Santander

The Orioles have ceased negotiations with the representatives for outfielder Anthony Santander and are preparing for an arbitration hearing next month. Executive vice president/general manager Mike Elias confirmed the team’s stance this afternoon on a Zoom conference call with the local media. Both sides reached the 1 p.m. deadline without an agreement. Salary figures will be exchanged and a hearing date will be set for ... read more

On this date today and in the past (Mancini update)

The deadline has arrived for teams to sign their arbitration-eligible players for the 2021 season. The Orioles tendered contracts to outfielders Trey Mancini and Anthony Santander back on Dec. 2. However, the sides will exchange figures later this afternoon if they don’t reach agreements by 1 p.m., and hearings will be scheduled for next month. Negotiations are allowed to continue beyond the salary exchange. However, ... read more

Cueing some curiosities in 2021

The Baltimore baseball media often was promised during manager Buck Showalter’s tenure that its curiosity soon would be satisfied. Mostly, yes. Sometimes, no. I’m curious whether spring training is going to start on the dates set for each club. Of course, every team is being told to get ready for it. The same message was sent in October. What’s the alternative? Better to keep that ... read more

Curious about Kjerstad in 2021

The implementation of the alternate camp site and participation in the fall instructional league were geared in part toward avoiding a setback in the development of prospects who couldn’t get at-bats and innings in the minors. But what about the excluded players? What about outfielder Heston Kjerstad, who wasn’t able to report to Prince George’s Stadium or the Ed Smith Stadium complex because of an ... read more

Taking a closer look at minicamp outfielders

The three-day minicamp at the Ed Smith Stadium complex has reached its halfway point this morning. Five outfielders working with three instructors in Sarasota temperatures reaching the low 70s. The high fives will be kept to a minimum for social distancing purposes. The outfielders are in varying stages of their careers. Three of them have reached the majors. One remains a rookie in 2021 who ... read more