Wondering who’s impacted by expansion to 29-man roster

The competitions for roster spots with the Orioles remain on hold during the coronavirus pandemic. Players are working out at home, a few of them posting clever videos on social media. Small children and pets are coming in handy as alternatives to gym weights. Ever done squats with a German Shepherd draped over your shoulders? These are the dog days of spring. One of the ... read more

Memories of some media missteps

Anyone who’s stepped inside a major league clubhouse and posed a question during a pregame or postgame media scrum has probably committed an embarrassing gaffe. The odds increase the longer you’ve worked the beat. Colleagues can sympathize, but it doesn’t prevent us from teasing the guilty party. Boxers don’t land as many jabs as we do. The shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic is intended ... read more

Updates on season status and another childhood heartbreak

The constant speculation over Major League Baseball’s return and in what form is doing little besides confusing fans and spreading rumors. Separating truth from fiction is requiring a lot more muscle these days. Implement it into your workouts while gyms are closed. We don’t know if or when baseball will be played. We don’t know how long spring training 2.0 will last and whether teams ... read more

Remembering my biggest Orioles heartbreaks as a fan

The sports shutdown has led fans and media to come up with all sorts of lists to provide entertainment and kill a few hours. Twitter is filled with them. You can’t swing a dead opening day article without hitting one. I’m more of a lurker than a participant, but I did name the Colts leaving Baltimore as my most heartbreaking sports moment. No team can ... read more

Remembering past opening days while 2020 stays in shutdown mode

The Orioles have made executive vice president/general manager Mike Elias and manager Brandon Hyde available on separate conference calls during the shutdown. What they can’t do is invent answers. Major League Baseball is pushing back the start of the season. No date has been set for opening day. No assurances have been given that it’s going to happen. No one in the organization can offer ... read more

Reflecting on past spring trainings with the Orioles

My scheduled return home yesterday from Sarasota would have been the ideal time to reflect on six weeks of spring training. Something that I’ve been doing in its abbreviated form since my actual return on March 14. There hasn’t been one like it during my tenure on the Orioles beat, which officially began in 1997 after I assisted in coverage of 2,130 and 2,131 in ... read more

Orioles should be playing last exhibition game today

I should have been flying home this morning from spring training. Should have been waking up at the Marriott inside the Tampa International Airport - a veteran move to drop off the rental car and switch hotels the night prior to departure - and stumbling to my gate after six weeks in Sarasota with only a single day off. The Orioles would be playing the ... read more

Reviewing the Orioles’ 40-man roster and upcoming decisions

While checking eBay to see whether anyone is selling liquid hand soap ... I accepted the challenge on Twitter yesterday of naming five jobs that I held before becoming a sportswriter, and discovered that I couldn’t complete the list. I’ve literally only had five jobs: * “Unskilled labor” for a construction company the summer before college, which I’m certain was suggested by my parents to ... read more