Guthrie’s resurgence

Jeremy Guthrie is complicating the non-waiver trade deadline process.

His value is going through the roof after last night’s start, when he made one bad pitch - resulting in Joe Mauer’s two-run homer - in seven innings to post his first victory since May 25.

Guthrie has allowed three runs in 13 1/3 innings, with one walk and 12 strikeouts, in his last two starts. Scouts are hanging around Camden Yards as if the club is giving away free food and lap dances. Contenders covet pitching, and Guthrie is pitching his tail off.

He isn’t a pending free agent. He’s still under the Orioles’ control after this season, and the temptation grows to hold onto him because they, too, covet pitching and need someone to give them innings.

It’s no longer Kevin Millwood’s most endearing trait. And the young guys are wildly inconsistent.

Guthrie is doing more than consuming innings, of course. These are quality starts, and he’s got 12 of them this season, which might surprise you when taking into account his 4-10 record.

“I have broken the season down into two different seasons, so for me, my season began, whatever, six days ago, seven days ago,” he said. “I’m trying to throw the ball the best I can and make the adjustments that I was able to think about over the All-Star break.”

So what’s working for him?

“I don’t know,” he replied. “Getting people out.”

It really is a simple game.

“I think the crispness of some of the pitches has been better,” he added. “I think the overall approach has been better, and we’ve played great defense behind me, as well.”

Guthrie won’t discuss specific adjustments, telling reporters that he’ll leave it “up to you to decide.”

The Orioles must decide whether to trade him or keep him. It depends on what other clubs, including the Padres, are willing to offer.

He’s gotten hot at the right time.

Perhaps too hot for the Orioles to hold onto this summer.

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