Post-game Samuel

Interim manager Juan Samuel says he wasn’t angry tonight.

I guess I was fooled by the screaming and the way he played long-toss with his cap.

“I just didn’t think Kranny deserved to be thrown out,” he said, referring to how he rushed the field after pitching coach Rick Kranitz was ejected. “He did not do anything basically to deserve being thrown out. I don’t know if they know that they blew the call and fuses were very short.

“Kranny didn’t say anything. That’s what I was trying to tell (plate umpire) Bill Hohn. Kranny did not say anything. I was trying to tell him, how can you blame Kranny when one of your guys blew the call? Kranny didn’t deserve that. He didn’t miss the call.”

I’m so glad I didn’t miss this game.

Juan Samuel talks with the media about Kevin Millwoods outing and the three ejections

Ty Wigginton was the first to go after loudly stating his case that J.J Hardy was out at first base.

“We thought Wiggy tagged the guy not once but twice,” Samuel said. “Gary (Darling) after watching the replay probably will admit it was a blown call. Unfortunately, it didn’t go our way.”

Darling told’s Steve Melewski that Wigginton bumped him. He also conceded that he missed the call.

“I did not see Wiggy touch him,” Samuel said. “I did not see a replay. I did not see any video. I was just trying to make sure we didn’t do something that we would not be proud of. I was trying to restrain him a little bit. I did not see Wiggy touch him.”

That’s not Darling’s version, and Wigginton could be facing a suspension. Chucking the ball in the stands before the inning was over probably earned him a fine.

Melewski will post comments from the umpires room a little later, so be sure to visit his blog.

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