Tatum injured (w/2 updates)

Catcher Craig Tatum left the game in the seventh inning after taking a foul tip off his right hand. Jake Fox has replaced him with two outs and Jason Berken on the mound.

Berken’s pitch glanced off Jason Repko’s bat and caught Tatum in the hand. Head athletic trainer Richie Bancells rushed onto the field, and Tatum accompanied him into the clubhouse.

Matt Wieters comes off the disabled list tomorrow and the Orioles need to decide whether to eliminate Tatum or Fox from the 25-man roster.

Strange timing, isn’t it?

Update: Tatum has a bruised right hand.

The Twins have added three runs in the seventh to take a 7-2 lead. One run is charged to Michael Gonzalez, the rest to Berken. All the scoring has come with two outs.

Meanwhile, Double-A Bowie first baseman Joe Mahoney is 4-for-4 with two homers, a single and a double. He’s driven in five runs.

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