That’ll leave a mark

Orioles starter Jake Arrieta picked off Tampa Bay left fielder Carl Crawford in the first inning.

If given the choice, Crawford wouldn’t have picked this particular method.

Arrieta’s throw nailed Crawford in the, um, protective cup. And I mean flush.

Crawford collapsed to the ground, no longer worried about keeping his foot on the bag. Ty Wigginton applied the tag, and Rays first base coach George Hendrick frantically motioned for the head athletic trainer to come out of the dugout.

Crawford limped off the field after staying on the ground for several minutes. A few teammates are smiling on the bench - but making sure Crawford doesn’t notice.

He’ll hear about it later. You can be sure of it.

Matt Joyce moves from right field to left as Crawford’s replacement. Jason Bartlett has entered the game at shortstop as part of the reshuffling.

Brian Roberts struck out in his first at-bat tonight with Double-A Bowie, and that might be a good thing. It’s not always safe at first base, even after you reach safely.

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