The Tatum question

Thanks to the PR staff’s detailed first-half notes, I can answer a question regarding Craig Tatum that’s cropped up more frequently on this blog since the Orioles ran off four consecutive wins in Arlington.

What is the club’s record with its backup catcher behind the plate?

The Orioles are 10-9 in games that Tatum has started, compared to 19-50 with Matt Wieters in the lineup.


Read as much or as little into it as you want. I’m just tossing out the numbers.

Tatum needed a crash course in spring training to learn the pitching staff, and he still had to study a lot of video, along with attending the usual meetings with the starters and pitching coach Rick Kranitz, once the season began. Chad Moeller had the advantage in familiarity and experience, plus the overwhelming support of the clubhouse. Tatum had the stronger arm and was exceptional at blocking balls in the dirt.

If you’re looking for records at each position that are above .500, it’s a pretty quick search. You won’t need to pack a lunch or bring a flashlight.

First base: Rhyne Hughes (7-4), Jake Fox (2-1), Scott Moore (1-0).

Third base: Scott Moore (1-0).

Designated hitter: Hughes (1-0), Corey Patterson (2-1) Miguel Tejada (2-1).

If you want to crunch more numbers with your morning coffee, the Orioles have been outscored 70-32 in the first inning, 49-37 in the second, 62-31 in the third, 51-27 in the fourth, 48-35 in the seventh, 59-42 in the eighth and 44-35 in the ninth.

They’ve outscored opponents, 37-36 in the fifth and 9-8 in extra innings, and totaled the same amount of runs (39) in the sixth.

I promised that there wouldn’t be any math, so we’ll do state capitals in the next entry.

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