Brady Anderson talks about Reynolds

A few days ago, I wrote about outfielder Nolan Reimold’s workouts with former Oriole Brady Anderson. You also can include third baseman Mark Reynolds on the list of Anderson’s clients.

In an interesting coincidence, Reynolds contacted Anderson before the Orioles traded for him at the winter meetings.

“It was a nice circumstance that he’s with the Orioles now,” Anderson said.

Anderson had a lot of favorable comments about Reynolds.

“Reynolds is a stud,” Anderson said. “I’ve watched him play. People love to focus on his strikeouts, but it’s super-hard to find a productive third baseman. (Miguel) Tejada was really one of the elite offensive forces at shortstop. Put him at third and he’s not.”

I’ve received varying reports on Reynolds’ defense. The Orioles scouted Reynolds and were impressed with his progress.’s Phil Wood, who’s watched a lot more National League baseball than yours truly, says Reynolds is average on his worst day. Anderson, meanwhile, thinks Reynolds can be something special on the hot corner.

“People don’t seem to understand. Maybe they’re looking at the error total and not judging him with their eyes,” Anderson said. “He’s an amazing fielder, one of the best. He makes a lot of his errors because he’s so aggressive. He’ll go far in the hole and fire one into the stands.

“They’ll love him at third. He’s legit. Guys like that don’t come around much. This guy is a Gold Glove-caliber fielder. And he’ll win some Gold Gloves in his career.”

Anderson said he’ll meet up with Reynolds again in Arizona to continue workouts and hitting sessions.

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