Bergesen hit on arm, leaves game (with game update)

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Brad Bergesen had to leave today’s game after four pitches when Denard Span’s line drive crashed into his right arm.

Bergesen jumped off the mound in obvious pain. The ball popped straight up in the air, and second baseman Robert Andino made the catch for the first out.

Double-A trainer Pat Wesley raced out of the dugout, and Bergesen kept bending at the waist before walking off the mound. He appeared to have a welt on his forearm, just below his elbow. It was bad enough that he didn’t try to throw a warmup pitch.

Mike Ballard has replaced Bergesen.

I’ll obviously pass along any updates that I receive.

Bergesen was hit on the shin by a Billy Butler line drive on July 30, 2009, costing him the rest of the season. He showed up at camp last spring with a sore shoulder after filming a commercial over the winter. He could use a serious change of luck.

Game update: It’s a total mess. The Twins sent nine batters to the plate in the second inning and scored five runs off Mike Ballard, who recorded only one out. The bases are loaded and Chris George has replaced him. Delmon Young hit a two-run homer, and the Twins had a couple bloop hits. Ballard also walked two batters.

Still no word on Bergesen. And if you haven’t heard, it’s only the bottom of the second inning.

Another run is charged to Ballard. Twins 6, Orioles 0.

We’re going to the top of the third!

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