Gonzalez on Gonzalez

Left-hander Michael Gonzalez allowed an inherited runner to score tonight, and he was charged with two runs of his own to raise his ERA to 13.50.

Michael Gonzalez talks about how good he felt on the mound even though he had a tough night against the Red Sox

“I feel bad about giving up that run of J.J.’s. I didn’t want to give up (Johnson’s) run. That’s what I feel bad about,” he said.

“The results, seriously, I don’t feel bad or frustrated whatsoever. What I wanted was to go out there and have my mindset. It really didn’t even have to do with the velocity. It just had to do with my mindset. I felt really good today. I felt really comfortable and it just didn’t go my way. But I will fight like this all day. I’ll go every day to work like that feeling the way I felt today. No frustration whatsoever.

“I was trying to just stay in the moment because I felt so good. I hadn’t felt like that all year. And like I said, it had nothing to do with results. To me, it had nothing to do with velocity. To me, it was the way I felt, my rhythm, my motion, everything felt back to where it was before. Seriously, I didn’t even feel much of that last year when I came back. I’m excited about that, I can’t lie. I’m excited about that. Obviously, you don’t want to give up a couple runs. That’s how it is, but to sacrifice a couple runs for the way I felt today, I will do that every day.”

Asked about the strike zone, he said, “I wasn’t particularly checking up on (Jon) Lester, but I felt a couple of them were close. I came back and checked it out, but that’s how it goes sometimes. No big deal about that.”

Was Gonzalez angry on the mound?

“That’s me,” he said. “That’s what I felt good about. It really wasn’t mad, it was aggressive. I’m aggressive. I go right after you. I don’t know where I lost that. I’m just glad I found that. Like I said, results are results, but I feel good about it.”

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