Scott provides injury update, Britton discusses start

Luke Scott is hoping that he’ll remain in the lineup tomorrow night after slamming his right knee against the left field fence, but he can’t be certain until he wakes up in the morning.

Luke Scott talks about his knee injury following the O’s 6-2 loss to the Cardinals

“We’ll see how it is,” he said. “Contusions, or when you get hit by something, it varies on the swelling. The knee is a tough place. You’ve got to have your knees underneath you to do anything. It all depends on tonight and how much it swells up. Hopefully, I’ll ice it a couple times at home.

“I guess there was a bunch of poles back there holding the padding up and that’s where that little mark (on knee) is from. I just banged my knee like a contusion and banged my shoulder and my face a little bit. My knee is what stiffened up the most.

“All I know is I was just watching the ball, just tracking the ball and trying to get it. I felt the warning track, I felt two steps on the warning track, so I knew the ball was getting close. I just jumped up to grab it and that was it.

“Usually every series you always go and count the steps, how many steps is it going to be on each warning track, just so you have it in the back of your mind. Here, it’s rubberized, so you notice the feel. I noticed it for two steps on that
rubberized track. That’s about the distance, two running steps, so you’ve either got to put on the brakes or jump.”

Might as well jump.

“My adrenaline was rocking, he said. “Then I took a few steps and noticed something was up. First my face, I felt the side of my face was kind of warm where I got smacked. Then I took a couple steps and it was like, ‘Well something’s up with my knee.’”

What’s up with Zach Britton? Well, here’s what he said after tonight’s game:

“I just left some pitches up, fell behind quite a bit of hitters that (second) inning,” he said. “I was able to keep them singles, but it was just a bunch of singles they put together, and that’s just because of me not (getting) the ball to move down. So, not necessarily a bad pitch, but just leaving it up, and they were able to hit those singles and kind of let the inning keep going with those hits, instead of me being able to put my foot down and stop the bleeding.”

Colby Rasmus hit a 400-foot home run off Britton in the sixth before the tarp came on the field.

“The location was bad,” he said. “I don’t think the pitch selection was bad at all. You kind of tip your cap. I thought I was throwing the ball well the last four innings. I left the pitch up, he hit it well and I’ve kind of got to forget about it and get the next guy. It was just a bad location.

“The second inning, obviously, I just couldn’t stop the bleeding. It seems like the last couple outings, it’s a bad inning that kind of gets me. It’s a lot of singles, so that’s a good sign. It’s not a lot of extra-base hits. It’s just a matter of better pitch location and then really putting my foot down and stopping the inning before it gets big.

“They’re a real aggressive team. You’re throwing strikes. In my case, if you’re behind the guys and you’ve got to throw the ball over the plate, they’re really aggressive. They don’t strike out a lot and you know they’re going to be aggressive. If you’re falling behind, you’ve got to throw a ball over the plate and they’re a pretty aggressive team. They’re hitting pretty well, obviously.”

Britton has one win in his last 10 starts.

“In talking with the coaching staff as well, I mean, we look at the last couple starts and there’s a handful of starts I could have won easily,” he said. “We think about that. It’s not that I haven’t pitched well. There are games that I haven’t pitched well at all and deserved to lose.

“I feel fine. I feel strong. Obviously not 100 percent, because you’re never going to be 100 percent, but I feel strong and I really don’t think that has anything to do with it. It’s just more making better pitches, or at least better location on my pitches. I think today I was getting a lot of fly balls, so that tells you I wasn’t really getting the ball down in the zone.”

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