Andino and Martin exchange words, Showalter speaks after 6-2 loss

I didn’t see it, but Orioles second baseman Robert Andino and Yankees catcher Russell Martin exchanged heated words on the field after tonight’s game.

Martin apparently accused Andino of stealing signs from second base in the ninth inning after Andino doubled off Mariano Rivera with one out. Martin was coy about it afterward, never coming right out and confirming his suspicions, but that was his beef.

Martin accused the Blue Jays of doing the same thing last year, so he’s a little sensitive to it.

Andino wasn’t at his locker when reporters were allowed inside. I’m sure the topic will come up Tuesday afternoon.

Meanwhile, manager Buck Showalter discussed Brian Matusz’s outing during his postgame session with the media.

Buck Showalter speaks with the media about the O’s performance in a 6-2 loss to the Yankees

“Obviously, command was a little bit of an issue,” he said. “We as a team walked, I believe, seven guys and hit one and had an error, so that’s really eight or nine 90-foot increments that you just can’t give to any team. That was the game in a nutshell. I think we outhit them. But Brian wasn’t the only one. His stuff was pretty good. It’s just that his command wasn’t what it’s going to be or has been up to this point.

“The Yankees are a patient team. Brian’s stuff was pretty crisp. He just got some counts away from his favor and he seemed to be ... I was hoping he’d fall back in line after we got back to 1-1 with the home run from Matty (Wieters). I thought he was close to having an outing that was ... we were still in the ballgame when he left. There were some situations when he could have let that get away from him, where we were completely out of it. I think you’ll see better from him as the year goes on.”

Asked if he thought Matusz was amped up, Showalter replied, “Well, I hope so. You would be, I would be, your first start of the year. I feel a little different about this outing than some last year. I think there are some things that I have a lot of confidence in Brian and he’ll get better at.”

Showalter appreciated how Matusz kept the Orioles in the game.

“That probably wouldn’t have happened last year and I think that’s a tribute to his stuff,” Showalter said. “He kept battling. I feel a lot better about that outing than I would have last year. I think you’ll see better things from him.”

Matusz has allowed four earned runs or more in 11 straight starts.

Wieters went 4-for-4, including his second home run. The Orioles have homered in the first or second inning in four straight games.

“When you hit a 2-0 changeup off (Ivan) Nova first time up, you’re seeing the ball pretty good,” Showalter said. “I don’t think anybody was looking there, 2-0 changeup. Matty put a lot of different pitches in play firmly tonight, and that’s good to see. He hit fastball, changeup, curveball and breaking ball. He’s in a pretty good spot right now.”

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