A little more on Reimold

NEW YORK - Before I head to Yankee Stadium for tonight’s series finale, I wanted to explain more clearly what’s happening with Nolan Reimold.

Well, the “clearly” part might be a reach, but anyway ...

Reimold’s bulging disk is located in his cervical spine, and it’s more neck than back. At least, that’s how it’s been explained to me. I’m not a doctor, so I’m depending on others to talk me through it.

The timetable hasn’t changed. Orioles manager Buck Showalter is still hoping that Reimold will rejoin the team in Boston and be in Friday night’s lineup.

Reimold is taking a Medrol Dosepack, an anti-inflammatory which requires a few days to alleviate the problem. That is, if it actually provides a solution to Reimold’s neck stiffness and tingling fingers.

Anyway, it’s not a major change from yesterday’s news, except for the exact location of the bulging disk. Supposedly, it’s less ominous in the neck region. As if I would know.

Here’s a random note: Catcher Matt Wieters is 5-for-11 with a double, two homers and three RBIs lifetime against Yankees starter Ivan Nova, who’s won his last 15 decisions.

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